Important Considerations for Acquisitions and Investments Involving your PPP Loan

Important Considerations for Acquisitions and Investments Involving your PPP Loan

As many companies continue to suffer the economic blow of the coronavirus lockdowns, there are some opportunities arising in industries across Southern California. If you are considering selling your business, buying a competitor’s business, or parting ways with a partner, and you have received support from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), or other government loan programs implemented in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns — your loan may affect your transaction

  • For sellers, the dynamics and timing of the transaction are everything. And when it comes to PPP loan forgiveness, you may be unsure whether you can fully realize the economic benefit. Our attorneys can guide you through your options and ensure you’re otherwise compensated for the portion of the loan actually forgiven. With our guidance and skillful negotiation, we can help ensure the legacy and equity you’ve built in your business are protected.
  • For buyers, we help evaluate the deal and account for any potential liability you might assume, as well as strategies to navigate compliance with government loan covenants in the context of a change of control. We help structure and negotiate the most favorable terms and timeframe to ensure your interests are protected and your understanding with the seller is properly structured and well documented.

Adams Corporate Law has extensive experience and success representing businesses and investors with structuring, negotiating and executing deals through the COVID uncertainty. Our seasoned attorneys specialize in mergers, acquisitions, asset sales, private placements, partner buyouts, business contracts and transactions.

If you have questions or concerns about how the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), or other governmental relief loan program under the CARES Act will impact your transaction or your business, call us for a consultation at (714) 619-9360 and we’ll discuss your unique situation. Mention this blog article to receive a 10% deferral of your legal fees until your PPP loan is confirmed forgiven.

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Addison K. Adams, Esq.
Corporate & Securities Attorney and Founder
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