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Whether you run your business as an LLC, a corporation, or a partnership, if you have a co-founder or partner the time may come for you to part ways or to renegotiate the equity and economics of working together. At Adams Corporate Law, we have significant experience helping business owners part ways or renegotiate the terms of continuing to own the business together.

Whether it’s you or your partner who’s leaving the company, our attorneys can help you arrive at a fair and appropriate resolution.

Partner buyouts and renegotiation happen for many reasons such as:

  • Retirement or resignation
  • Incapacitation or death
  • Encumbering a partner's interest in a business
  • Divorce settlement
  • A partner’s personal bankruptcy
  • A new employment opportunity
  • Mismatch in productivity compared to equity and compensation
  • Business changes that change the relationship among the owners

No matter the reason why you or your business partner are exiting the company, or renegotiating ownership terms, Adams Corporate Law offers legal representation that can protect your interests. Whether the dispute is amicable or hostile, our partner buyout attorneys in Santa Ana will work with you to develop a strategy that safeguards your interests.

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How Adams Corporate Law Can Assist You

When you or a business partner seek to part ways from the business, or renegotiate ownership terms, strong emotions and large amounts of money are at stake. Not only must the law be followed perfectly, and tax ramifications considered, but also the personal relationship and history must be appropriately managed. Adams Corporate Law will work with you to offer proactive legal solutions during a buyout or renegotiation to help you secure your interests and part ways with a business partner in the best manner possible, and with an eye toward preserving the profitability of the business and negotiating a fair and reasonable result for all parties involved.

For assistance, reach out to our partner buyout attorneys in Santa Ana by contacting Adams Corporate Law online or calling (714) 699-9602.

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