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Ryan Riegg

Attorney - Of Counsel

Ryan has been a lawyer for 12 years and is a graduate of UCLA Law and USC. A long-time global traveler and son of a US diplomat, Ryan has worked in 70 countries and lived in 12. Consequently, Ryan's counsel is often invaluable to companies doing business internationally.

A former startup-founder, who has designed and published 15 apps/games, Ryan greatly enjoys helping tech companies and startups, particularly in areas related to data privacy, GDPR, CCPA, and COPPA.

The startups Ryan has cofounded or worked in the C-Suite for, have been featured by major press outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Polygon. And, in 2014, Ryan won the Audience Award at the prestigious Slush conference in Finland for his talk on tech development and trade in EMEA.

Ryan is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and has published articles in The Hill, Vox, Vice, and Newsweek; as well as in law journals at Cornell, UCLA, and U.Denver. Ryan's published work covers a variety of topics, including Antitrust, Entertainment Law, Family Law, Islamic Law, Energy, International Economics, and Foreign Policy.

Additionally, Ryan has taught MBA and undergraduate classes on Business Law, Emerging Markets, and Startups, as well as given talks at universities like Hult International Business School, Park University, and Duke.

In his spare time, Ryan is a coach for the Hult Prize, a $1 million social impact competition, involving a "Castle Accelerator," 120,000 students, and the UN, as well as for Columbia Business School and UCLA Anderson.

Prior to law school, Ryan worked in a refugee camp, where he created a startup to provide jobs to people in the camp and, in the process, reversed a 3-year legal precedent on the importation of hookahs/shishas/argilehs into the United States.

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