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Recognized as “The Lawyers Who Close Deals,” Adams Corporate Law, Inc. understands that your business is your legacy and we are committed to helping you secure its future. With nearly three decades of experience assisting businesses in California, our firm has navigated a wide range of deal sizes, from under $1 million to $200 million. Our expertise spans multiple industries, including software, tech, entertainment, manufacturing, and more. We have an extensive background in startup and emerging growth company finance, making us uniquely positioned to aid your company's financial growth. 

Our team comprises some of the best transactional attorneys in California, experienced in sophisticated international transactions involving private equity-backed buyers and sellers. Our background in both public transactions and small private deals equips us with the wisdom and judgment needed to handle your transaction quickly and efficiently. Whether your business involves a purchase, sale, financing, or partner buyout, our expertise will ensure a smooth transaction.

Every business, regardless of its size, deserves experienced counsel. Your company's success hinges on the people most involved in its establishment and continued growth. Trust Adams Corporate Law, Inc. - the California business law firm you can rely on to address your immediate needs, long-term goals, and unforeseen obstacles.

For sound legal counsel, reach out to our seasoned California M&A transaction lawyers at Adams Corporate Law, Inc. Contact us at (714) 699-9602 to request a consultation.

Navigating Mergers & Acquisitions

When considering a merger or acquisition in California, several key legal considerations come into play. As your trusted Orange, CA mergers & acquisitions attorney, we are able to guide you through this complex area of business law. Understanding the structure of the deal is crucial, whether it's an asset purchase, stock purchase, or a merger.

Each structure has different implications for liabilities, taxes, and regulatory approvals. Ensuring a thorough due diligence process is another essential aspect. This process uncovers potential risks and issues, such as contract disputes, employment issues, intellectual property concerns, and environmental liabilities. As experienced mergers & acquisitions lawyers, we are well-versed in these and other vital legal aspects of M&A transactions. Speak with one of our attorneys today.

The Stages of M&A Transactions

The journey of a merger or acquisition under California law involves several typical stages, each requiring the expertise of a skilled Orange, CA mergers & acquisitions attorney near you.

  1. The first stage is pre-acquisition planning, where we help identify potential targets or buyers and develop a strategic plan. 
  2. Next comes the negotiation and signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI), followed by the due diligence process to investigate the potential deal thoroughly. 
  3. Once due diligence is complete, the definitive agreement is negotiated and signed. 
  4. Following this, necessary regulatory approvals are sought. 
  5. The final stage is closing and integration, where the deal is finalized and the merging entities begin their joint operations.

As seasoned California mergers & acquisitions lawyers, we ensure that every stage is handled with utmost precision and care.

Protect your business with our qualified Orange, CA M&A lawyers. Make an appointment by calling (714) 699-9602 or complete our online form.

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